Town Board Meetings Moved to 2nd Monday of the Month

At the March 9th town board meeting the town board amended ordinance 120-2. To change meeting location to the Town Hall at W1892 Rock Road. It as lets the Town board set monthly meeting date by resolution.

After the ordinance passed Resolution 2021-02 was passed setting monthly meeting date to the 2nd Monday of each month.

Social Media Page

The Town of Herman does not operate a social media page. Any page that has a name similar to the Town of Herman is not authorized by the town board. Views or posts on those pages do not represent the Town Board.

Town Board Caucus Date

NOTICE IS HEREBY given to the electors of the Town of Herman, Dodge County, Wisconsin, that a Town Caucus will be held at the Herman Town Hall, W1892 Rock Road, on Saturday, January 9, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. to nominate candidates for the Town offices of Chairman, Supervisor #1, Supervisor #2, Clerk, and Treasurer to be voted for at the Town Election which will be held on Tuesday, April 06, 2021.

Dated: December 11, 2020                                                     Alison Pecha

                                                                                                Town Clerk

Recycle Advisory Committee

The Herman Town Board is seeking four residents to participate in an Advisory Committee on a possible Recycle Center at the current Town Hall at W1892 Rock Road. This committee would discuss and advise the town board on options for a Recycle Center. This board will be expected to meet and present options to the board for their consideration at a town board meeting. The Advisory Committee will consist of four resident and one board member. Appointments will be made at the January 12, 2021 Town Board meeting. If more than 4 people or interested names will be pick out of hat. If interested, please contact

Chairperson Ben Schellinger at [email protected] or 262-224-5677

Clerk Alison Pecha at [email protected] or 920-387-9322

In Person Absentee Voting Hours

In person absentee voting will start October 20,2020 in the clerks office at the town hall W1892 Rock Road. List are the hours of in person absentee voting. Please bring your photo ID.

10/20 8am-10am10/26 9am-11am
10/22 4pm-6pm10/27 5pm-7pm
10/24 9am-1pm10/30 9am-10am
 10/31 9am-1pm

Snow Plowing Bids



Notice is hereby given that the Town of Herman Board, will accept sealed bids for the following service of snowplowing and salting approximately 49 miles of town road, including snow removal at the Town Hall and Recycling Center. Multi-year bids will be considered. This is for hourly rate of snow removal.

All bids shall be submitted to submitted to Alison Pecha, Clerk, at W1892 Rock Rd, Iron Ridge WI  53035 prior to 7:00 p.m., September 8, 2020 at which time the Town Board will publicly open the bids at the Town Hall.  The Town reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to accept the bid most advantageous to the Town of Herman.

Dated: August 23, 2020                                              Alison Pecha

                                                                                    Town Clerk

Historic Town Hall/Recycle Center Survey

The survey has been shut down due to fake/fraudulent email addresses. The board is still looking for responses please email [email protected]

The Town Board is looking for Town of Herman resident’s opinions on the Recycle Center/Historic Town Hall.
The Historic Town Hall buildings are deteriorating and will cost a considerable amount to repair and maintain. The Town Board is considering selling the Historic Town Hall/ Recycle Center property and move the recycling center to the current Town Hall location on Rock Road.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Thank you

Liquor Notice

I hereby certify that the following have applied to the Town Board of the Town of Herman, Dodge County, Wisconsin, for a Class “B” Combination Beer and Liquor License to sell alcohol beverages and fermented malt beverages for the period of July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021, in the following described properties in the Town of Herman, Dodge County, Wisconsin:
Ronald Lisko, Lisko’s Tavern, LLC, N5281 Hwy P, Rubicon, WI 53078
Rick Bruskiewcz, Hillcrest Inn LLC, W1118 Hwy 33, Mayville, WI 53050
Timothy Becker, Snapper Vick’s, N5007 Hwy WS, Woodland, WI 53099
Peter Hahn, Mardi Gras, N5003 Hwy WS, Woodland, WI 53099
The following has applied for a Class “A” Combination Beer and Liquor:
Jasmeet Singh Kang, 346 Petroleum LLC. – K-Stop-Citgo, W346 Luedtke Lane, Hartford, WI.53027
The following has applied for a Class “B” Beer License:
Woodland Fire Department, N4953 Hwy WS, Woodland, WI 53099.
Notice is further given that on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 7:00pm the Town Board will meet at the Herman Town Hall for consideration of requested licenses.
Dated this 26th day of May, 2020. Alison Pecha
Town Clerk